What Makes us the best

  1. Best IPI available for compact Giza cotton yarns achieving 5% USP13.
  2. Best RKM available for compact Giza cotton yarns achieving a tolerance of ± 2.5%.
  3. Lowest possible contamination available for compact Giza cotton yarns of colored foreign matters and white/transparent polypropylene.
  4. Best Splice strength and appearance of min 90% of the yarn strength.
  5. Best package formation of dye cone/cheese and hard paper cones.
  6. Lowest tolerance for measured length & weight of ± 0.5%.
  7. Lowest tolerance for soft Package density of ± 0.006 gm/cm3.
  8. Lowest possible human intervention "Contact Free" from fibres to cones.
  9. Best technical after sales follow up from the company’s technical Staff when needed.
  10. Lowest long term variation of all parameters thus achieving the best consistent quality within & between lots.

Our Contributors